From local farmers' markets to your doorstep...

It all dates back to the ...
...early childhood experiences of walking through farmers markets in South Korea, where Brian Park, the Friendly Grains Crunchy Rollers founder, would immediately recognize the booming sound of the rice-puffing canons going off, followed by the wholesome and sweet aroma of the popping rice grains.
These early experiences left an imprint on Brian’s memory of him enjoying these simple, yet satisfyingly crunchy and sweet treats as a child. And as those memories took root, he was convinced that all adults and children alike would savor and love these treats as much as he had growing up.
This led to the beginning of Crunchy Rollers and its mission to make these simple snacks, with simple ingredients, to simplify life, widely available to everyone.

Simply brilliant

Relying on a “keep it simple” philosophy, Brian sought to create something different from all the other snacks available on the market shelves today. We strive to create simple and delicious snacks that everyone can enjoy. Our Crunchy Rollers do not rely on excessively sweet or unnecessary ingredients. Brilliant, yet delectable in its simplicity – Crunchy Rollers serves as a better tasting, satisfying and wholesome snack. Snack Freely!

Safe For School

Schools and even airlines are increasingly banning products with nuts and other allergens because of the danger they pose. We’ve taken great care to keep everyone in mind while creating our rollers. Our manufacturing facility is free from “the Big 8+” allergens, and all of our equipment is dedicated to being allergen-free as well. Rest assured, we meticulously source all of our ingredients to make certain every one of them is allergen-free, which is why all of our rollers are considered “Safe for School”.

Why freeze-dried fruit?

In order to keep ingredients natural, they must be kept in their original condition. All too often shortcuts are taken in the form of dried fruits with preservatives and other additives. We wanted a different and pure approach to our ingredients. This is why we use freeze-dried fruit, a method which keeps the ingredients in its purest form without the preservatives, added sugars, fillers, and more. Our conviction to keep ingredients simple extends throughout our crunchy snacks including the use of organic rice. It’s why our entire product line is gluten-free, vegan, certified organic and non-GMO. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Our Facilities
From humble beginnings in 2001 to opening the doors to our state-of-the-art Certified Organic and Certified Kosher facility in 2016, Crunchy Rollers is on a mission to make snacks that everyone can enjoy.
We hold ourselves to the same high expectations that you have of our delicious Crunchy Rollers, and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure we deliver on every promise we make.
Every supplier, every ingredient, and every piece of equipment in our facility is checked, rechecked and certified free of the Big 9 allergens by our team of experts.
From collecting sourcing information to submitting ingredient analysis, our manufacturing process is designed to allow everyone to Snack freely!™. To eliminate any chance of cross-contamination we verify every delivery before we allow it to enter our facility. We only make our Organic Crunchy Rice Rollers in our Dallas facility, and that means our equipment is dedicated to making these perfect snacks for your family.

How seriously do we take our promise to you?

Crunchy Rollers' Certified Organic and Kosher facility is SQF3 certification, the highest level of Global Food Safety manufacturing certification available.