What do you get when you mix puffed organic brown rice with a handful of other simple ingredients? A craveably crunchy, subtly sweet, and deliciously satisfying snack. That sounds simple, because it is. At Friendly Grains, friendliness is at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we create simple snacks that everyone can enjoy. Free from all the Big 8+ allergens, we’re allergen friendly, on-the-go friendly, craving friendly—everything friendly. Simplify your snacking. Make Life Friendly.™


Schools and even airlines are increasingly banning products with nuts and other allergens because of the danger they pose. We’ve taken great care to keep everyone in mind while creating our rollers. Our manufacturing facility is free from “the Big 8+” allergens, and all of our equipment is dedicated to being allergen-free as well. Rest assured, we meticulously source all of our ingredients to make certain every one of them is allergen-free, which is why all of our rollers are considered “Safe for School”.